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The Environment Act 2021, a recent legislative enactment, has ushered in a series of profound changes poised to significantly impact our countryside for generations to come. As an integral component of the “30 x 30” initiative, the Government has committed to augmenting designated landscapes by 30% before the year 2030. This ambitious endeavor encompasses various strategic measures outlined below.

This sector represents a novel and dynamic realm, one that promises to both perplex and invigorate stakeholders. Should you find yourself navigating the complexities of Natural Capital and seeking informed guidance, we invite you to reach out to us by clicking here.

Rupert is presently engaged in a research project through the Royal Agricultural University. This project seeks to understand the implications of Natural Capital schemes on land valuation and broader community dynamics, underscoring our commitment to informed decision-making and sustainable practices.

We are able to help with the following:

Biodiveristy Net Gain – With the ability to sell your land for a period of thirty years, this is an emerging market which has seen some large figures raised. Much depends on the quality of the land and the current habitat.

Carbon Credits – Nutrient Neutrality and Carbon Credits are gaining a lot of attention as larger companies and developers look to meet their ESG requirements.

Local Nature Recovery Strategies – England is widely considered to be one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world following historic and ongoing declines. Government has made legally-binding commitments to end these declines and for nature to recover. 48 responsible authorities have been appointed to lead on preparing local nature recovery strategies and create local habitat maps and written statements of biodiversity priorities. This will naturally (excuse the pun) have an impact on farmers and landowners within these areas, some beneficial and some negative.

Farmland Habitat Mapping – Meeting the UKHAB guidelines and identifying the habitats on your farm.

Natural Capital Assessments – Identifying and placing value on the natural assets within your landholding.